First endurance race 2018

The first endurance race of this season was the DNRT 8hr at the Zandvoort track. Driving as part of the KOOL-MTB-NRG team we managed to get to 2nd place in class until almost three hours into the race we broke a driveshaft. Replacement took 20 mins. With 10 laps behind we had our work carved out for us. We worked our way up the rankings in the last 5 hours and still managed to finish 5th in class when crossing the finish line. Next endurance – DNRT 10hrs on Sunday July 22nd


Season 2018 is looking to be an interesting and varied racing season, with exciting tracks like Spa-Francorchamps included as well as a couple nice endurance opportunities. The DNRT 2018 calendar can be found below (we compete in the Auto’s A class) as well as under the calendar tab on this website.