Mick de Jonge

A race car driver with a passion for Renault, he has dedicated numerous years to his craft. His journey began alongside his father, building their own race cars, instilling in him a deep-seated love for motorsport from an early age. Throughout his career, he has not only pursued his passion but also honed his skills to compete at the highest levels of racing, all while cherishing the special bond forged with his father through their shared pursuit of speed and excellence on the track.

Arjan Oudejans

From a young age, Arjan’s passion for bikes and cars, particularly in racing, has been undeniable. Together with his close-knit team, he thrives on the challenges of endurance racing, whether it’s the grueling 24-hour events or the intense 8-hour races. Arjan finds his competitive edge in the Renault Clio Cup, where he pushes the limits of both machine and skill, fueled by his unwavering love for the sport and the thrill of the race.

Erik de Jonge

Mick’s father has lived and breathed racing throughout his entire life. With a passion for Renault vehicles, he has spent decades both behind the wheel and under the hood, building and racing a diverse array of Renault race cars. From the adrenaline-fueled tracks to the meticulous workshops, his dedication to the sport and the Renault brand shines through in every aspect of his life.

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