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We did it again! Podium result (P2) in Dutch 24h Endurance

Eric Sliphorst, Thijs Raaijmakers, Martijn Kool (Sat) / Piet de Gier (Sun), and Arjan Oudejans together finished 2nd place in the GT class in the Dutch 24-hour endurance race. In this long race, split between the Assen TT and Zandvoort F1 tracks, our team mastered the extremely wet conditions. We gained multiple positions as the race unfolded and steadily climbed the rankings. This was another great event, a fantastic team (big thank you to our loyal pit crew and team management also!), and another great result. Special call out for our reliable Renault Clio Cup racecar, taking us around these tracks effortlessly!

The rolling start for day 2 at Zandvoort track, 8am, Sunday November 5, 2023

RACE TIME! Dutch 24hr on November 4 & 5, Assen TT + Zandvoort F1

NEWSFLASH! The MTB-Motorsport team will compete in the upcoming 2023 Dutch 24h, a combination of two consecutive race days on the Assen TT track (Saturday November 4th) and the Zandvoort F1 track (Sunday November 5th). For this unique event, Arjan Oudejans will be teaming up with: Eric Sliphorst (Abma Racing), Thijs Raaijmakers, Piet de Gier and Martijn Kool (Kool Racing). Both race days will see a 9am start and a 5pm finish. Track admission is free. We look forward to welcoming you on the track(s)!

Champions! Another class win and season champion in last 8hr endurance of 2022

On Saturday October 15, Piet de Gier, Eric Sliphorst and Arjan Oudejans drove the last DNRT 8hr endurance race of the season together at the beautiful Zandvoort F1 track. A good result in class could mean also winning the 2022 championship, as prior to the start we were leading the ranks in the SuperSport class from previously finishing 2nd and 1st respectively.

Conditions varied throughout the day, with a wet, slippery track from the start. This caused a lot of collisions, resulting in frequent code 60’s (today better known as ‘virtual safety car’). Our experienced team managed to turn those events into an advantage by performing many pit stops while cars were driving slowly on the track. Despite the varying weather conditions, our drivers kept putting in solid lap times versus the competition, resulting in another first place in the SuperSport class (6th overall) and thereby also winning of the 2022 championship. A phenomenal result which the other drivers in the previous races, Mick de Jonge and Thijs Raaijmakers, have contributed to also. Thanks to the team, thanks to the sponsors, and thanks to our loyal supporters. Team MTB-Motorsport. For a nice storyline on the entire day have a look here: Abma Motorsport | Facebook

Winners! P1 in class and P4 overall in 8hr Endurance

On Saturday July23rd the MTB-Motorsport team – Eric Sliphorst, Thijs Raaijmakers and Arjan Oudejans – celebrated victory in the DNRT SuperSports 8hr Endurance race at the Zandvoort track. Overall we finished in 4th place, marking a successful race day and another great result with our Cup Clio.

Winners! P1 in class in DNRT 8HR endurance

Team MTB Motorsport (Arjan & Mick) & Abma Motosport (Eric Sliphorst) took the class win in the DNRT 8hr endurance at Zandvoort on October 2nd (last race of season ’21). The part wet race was challenging, but with consistent driving and great crew support during the pitstops, we managed to come across the finish line leading the class and 3 laps ahead of the runner-up. More info and videos can be found on the Abma Motorsport Facebook channel Abma Motorsport – Startpagina | Facebook

P4 in class and 8th position overall in DNRT 8hr Endurance

On Saturday July 3rd the MTB-Motorsport team (represented by Mick de Jonge and Arjan Oudejans) teamed up with the Abma Motorsport (Eric Sliphorst) and Kool Racing (Martijn Kool) teams.

Together we enjoyed a very successful race with solid results for the team, finishing the first endurance race in tour new Clio IV cup car. With a few elements left to fine tune we will get ourselves ready for the last 8hr endurance of this season on Saturday October 2nd.

Next 8hr Endurance Race – July 3rd 2021, Zandvoort F1 Track

We had a promising (running 1st in class!!) but unfortunate debut race with the new Clio IV on May 8th. Contact with another car, after 2.5 hrs of racing, caused damage to the rear axle. This resulted in early retirement. The MTB-Motorsport & Abma Motorsport teams will return to the track on July 3rd to compete in another 8hr endurance race at the Zandvoort F1 Track in The Netherlands. We hope & expect spectators will be allowed again for this race!

MTB & Abma Motorsport join forces in DNRT 8hr Endurance

Both Mick de Jonge and Arjan Oudejans are set to join forces with Eric Sliphorst and Carlo Izelaar in the upcoming Dutch National Racing Team (DNRT) 8hr endurance race at the Zandvoort/NL track on May 8th, 2021 in the Renault Clio IV.

The 2021 DNRT endurance cup has a calendar that consists of three 8 hour races, on May 8th, July 3rd and Oct 2nd.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 regulations, no spectators will be allowed on the track for the first event.