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2nd place in the Dutch 24hrs

The last endurance race of season 2018 was a special one! 20 hours of racing and 4 hours of moving between two different tracks (10 hrs at Assen TT track and 10 hrs at Zanvdoort) made up for an exciting 24 hours. We started in Assen where after 10 hours of racing (and a few technical glitches) we finished 5th in class. The next day at Zandvoort was probably one of the wettest days I ever experienced in my 10 year racing career. With the red Kool Racing Clio we could take advantage of those difficult circumstances, driving it all the way back to 2nd place in the SuperSports Class. A great experience and excellent result. Big thank you to my fellow drivers Martijn Kool and Jim & Thijs Raaijmakers as well as the entire pit crew!

First endurance race 2018

The first endurance race of this season was the DNRT 8hr at the Zandvoort track. Driving as part of the KOOL-MTB-NRG team we managed to get to 2nd place in class until almost three hours into the race we broke a driveshaft. Replacement took 20 mins. With 10 laps behind we had our work carved out for us. We worked our way up the rankings in the last 5 hours and still managed to finish 5th in class when crossing the finish line. Next endurance – DNRT 10hrs on Sunday July 22nd


Season 2018 is looking to be an interesting and varied racing season, with exciting tracks like Spa-Francorchamps included as well as a couple nice endurance opportunities. The DNRT 2018 calendar can be found below (we compete in the Auto’s A class) as well as under the calendar tab on this website.

Season 2016 has come to an end

The final races are behind us and we can look back on a successful season. Mick de Jonge won the Belgian Belcar Endurance championship together with the Offenga BWM racing team.


Arjan Oudejans came 4th in the 2016 DNRT Sportsclass championship and we’ve made solid progress on finding the right speed in the reliable Renault Clio.

Highlight of the season was the 12-hours endurance race at Zandvoort in which Martijn Kool, Jim Raaijmakers and Arjan Oudejans in the Kool Autosport Clio (picture below) finished second in class and only 12 seconds (!) behind the number 1 (if only we’d had 4 more laps… :-))


We look forward to seeing you at the track in 2017 and we thank all our loyal sponsors for their continued support!!